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Technology Club
Programming 4 Kids
Explore students in technology world Encourage students to discover how technology work Increase students’ desire to use technology in work Motivate students to engage activities in high technology
Grades 3-6
Game Design 4 Kids
Grades 3-6
Science Club
Science Olympiad
Learn fundamental science knowledge Hands-on experimental activities Explore interests in science Participate Science Tournaments
Grades 2-6
Age of Empires
Grades 2-6
Engineering & Robotics Club
Build It Up
Help children build problem solving skills Encourage kids to discover how things work Increase kids' desire to explore engineering as a career option Motivate kids to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problem
Grades 2-6
Mix It Up
Grades 2-6
Math Club
Jr. Math Olympiad (I & II)
Learn math problem solving skills. Practice math problems with fun math teasers Great for solving Common Core math problems Great for preparing math competitions (Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad LA Math Cup)
Grades 2-3
Math Olympiad (I & II)
Grades 4-6
Mission Possible
Grades 2-6
Jr. Astronauts
Grades 2-6