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Give Your Child The Best

Critical Reading & 6-Trait Writing

Want To Be Great a Great Reader & Writer?
This program focuses on helping students build up a strong foundation in reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will learn Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, and Writing techniques master various writing styles.
Critical Reading & Trait Writing Skills
In each level, There are total 48 hours of intensive Learning to significantly improve your child’s reading and writing skill set. Critical reading skills 6-Trait writing skills     - Ideas     - Voice     - Word Choice     - Organization     - Conventions     - Sentence Fluency
Grades 2-6
Grammar Master
Parts of speech Sentence & structure Phases & clauses Capitalization & Punctuation
Grades 2-6
Spelling Bee Training
Practice bee list Learn hard-to-spell words Study Latin & Greek roots Memorize spelling rules
Grades 2-6
Type of writing     - Persuasive Writing     - Narrative Writing     - Descriptive Writing     - Expository Writing     - Creative Writing     - News Writing     - Poetry Writing
Vocabulary Skill Builder
Learn grade-level vocabulary Synonyms and antonyms Word roots Vocabulary games
Grades 2-6
News & Book Writing Club
Learn book writing techniques Write Story scripts Publish your own books Join TOPKIDS news writing team
Grades 2-6