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Give Your Child The Best

The Gifted & Talented Club

Achieving Your Gifted Child’s Full Potential
The purpose of The Gifted & Talented Club is to provide an unique environment for your talented child to learn advanced subjects and undergo challenging tasks. This includes academy competitions, research projects, and many other areas where they can develop their skills.
Member Qualification:
(1) Pass Johns Hopkins CTY (Center of      Talented Youth) test (Already taken or      within 4 months) (2) Participate in all Club activities  (3) Commit to join the training and complete      one or more of the following challenges      in 2015-16
     - 2 or more  math competitions      - Publishing one or more books
Club Activities:
Learn and think outside the box Take on challenging tasks Conduct invention and science research Scientific seminars & field trips Participate in variety of competitions Great for career development         (medical, science, engineering, business, law)
Students’ Achievement:
ToyChallege National Champion ToyChallenge West Coast Champion Regional YBTC Champion California YBTC Champion National YBTC - 3rd Place LA Science Fair - 1st place California State Science Fair - 3rd Place LA Science Olympiad - 1st Place
California Science Olympiad - 1st Place AMC10 / AIME / USAJMO finalist MathCounts Winners Math Olympiad - Perfect Scores LA Math Cup - 1st Place California State  Math Cup - 1st Place Math Kangaroo - National Champion California Spelling Bee Champion
Our Coaches:
School Teachers, College Professors, medical doctors, scientists, and community leaders